Help Desk

Contacting Keentech


You will receive a notification that a ticket has been created.  For the life of that service issue (the ticket), you can reply to that email and it is routed to the assigned technical staff. Every time you email the above address, it will create a new ticket. Therefore, if you are emailing in to update on an issue to which has an open ticket, please reply to the email with the ticket number to which you are emailing about. This is to avoid multiple tickets about the same issue.

The subject line should contain in a few words the general issue of your request. The body should contain the information we need to be able to complete the task. The more information, the better the likelihood we can start on the issue right away without trying to communicate back for more information.

This is our preferred method of contact since it allows our staff to stay focused on your task(s) without being interrupted by phone calls from other clients.  It also creates accountability since once your request is in our system, someone will always be responsible for it and it will never be forgotten.

Phone / Help Desk
604-424-9000 / Vancouver

Calling the help desk rather than a technician directly means you no longer need to keep track of multiple phone number or make multiple calls. When you call us, a ticket will be created (or an existing one updated), and the best technician for the job will be assigned.  Again, a ticket in the system for us all to see creates better accountability.

Some problems need to be addressed right now. If you cannot send email, or your server or phones are down, a call to our help desk ensures your problem will be looked at immediately, and the required staff will be alerted and/or diverted as needed. All other issues, please email them in.

Web Portal

Our secure portal not only allows you to create a new ticket, but also shows the current status of your open tickets and your ticket history.  For designated individuals, we can also provide access to historical invoices and/or tickets from other staff in your organization.

In the portal, if you wish to provide more information you can update a ticket or if you need something actioned on right now, you can change the priority to Emergency.  The idea behind this is to reduce the number of calls to the help desk and allow our staff to focus on solving problems.

If you would like a portal account, email us at and one will be created for you at no charge!